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Our school is like a coin with 2 sides. The "A-side" of our school is the website that you're on now where you have access to resources, information, and other students and teachers. The "B-side" of our school is the virtual reality or "VR" part of our campus. This is an immersive 3-D environment that allows you to experience the school and other live individuals in a more realistic, personal way. This school is intended to be a FUN SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT as well as an educational one. For more information CLICK HERE.



The New Stonehaven Concept

Most people think of a school in a classroom setting. You go to school, a teacher teaches and you learn a lesson. At Stonehaven, the ENTIRE CAMPUS is where learning happens. Yes, we have traditional VR classrooms and highly qualified teachers at Stonehaven, but there are lessons to be learned just wandering through the woods, aboard pirate ships, in castle dungeons, graveyards, and even tooling around town! This makes learning an adventure.

Enrollment in our school is by INVITATION ONLY.


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The Curriculum

Our curriculum will be filling in for some time as our growing faculty creates content to populate our structure. Rest assured that the curriculum will NOT grow like an unkempt garden! To the contrary, the full-grown "DNA" is well-formed and well planned. As programs are added they will fill in a carefully thought out body of teachings that are balanced and what we like to call "tradition neutral." 


Five Departments

Stonehaven Academy is designed around the idea of K.I.S.S. (You know the acronym, right? "Keep It Simple Students!")  Keeping the academy streamlined and easy to understand at a glance is one reason we opted to structure the curriculum under only five departments: Source Power, Nature Craft, Subtle Senses, Magickal Methods and Traditional Paths. Why not click the department links below and explore?

Four "Houses" or Fraternities

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Living Earth
Whispering Winds
Dragon Fire
Eternal Waters

Three Levels of Advancement


Students enter our school as a "Seeker" and progress to "Wizard," arriving finally at "Master" level.  It is fully understood that some students come to our school and already have a degree of knowledge and experience. In fact, they may ALREADY be wizards and masters!


This is why we decline to use the common 'Apprentice' level. Magicians with years of experience are not apprentices. Instead, all who enter our school begin as Seekers.  This designation includes everyone from absolute novice to the most adept of us.  In truth, we should ALL be life-long seekers of knowledge and wisdom! Adept seekers will rise quickly!


"Wizard" refers to a wise person. There are other more elaborate definitions but the fundamental characteristic of a wizard is wisdom in a chosen craft or field of knowledge. A wizard can be male or female. A 2nd level student has become adept with the tools and concepts of energy work, a/k/a, magick. He or she is actually doing magick at this stage.
The road doesn't end here, however. It is time to hone and refine not only your skills, but even more importantly, your grasp of the wonderful truths that make all of this magick work! Students on this path must deepen their knowledge of source power and where they fit into the 'big picture.'


The Master level is not for braggarts! Their mastery has taught them that they must commit themselves to a lifetime of learning and honing of their skills. Masters are fully aware of how much they DON'T know! 
At this level, one must become reacquainted with the tools and techniques of co-creation with others. ​Our 3rd level students learn to interact with the world in extremely powerful ways.