You Demand More!


Schools should keep pace with advances in technology and societal preferences. These days students demand more than book learning, test-taking, and essay assignments. These days that means multi-media interactive systems.


What Is The Value in Attending  Stonehaven Academy?


The objective of a school of magick is very different from a school for accounting, nursing, or law. In other words, a certification from our school won't have much value on your resume but that does not mean there is no value in a true magickal education.


Our instruction has mundane, real-world value because we specialize in results-based magick. students can get practical value from this school if they decide to apply what they learn in their lives. Can true magick help you advance in your career? Yes. Can true magick help you achieve personal, family, and social goals? Yes. True magick is PRACTICAL. There is hardly any area in your life where magick cannot be of use to you, except maybe, on your resume.


There Are Many Online Magick Schools. How Is Stonehaven Unique?


It has been proven that learning happens best when it is enjoyable and even better when you're having fun! For this reason, Stonehaven Academy is designed with fun in mind. We want our students to enjoy the theme of this place, to lose themselves in the fanciful online, virtual campus. Why should learning be dull and old-fashion? Have fun. Make friends. Form clubs and interest groups. Tell jokes. Laugh and learn! 


"This sounds expensive"


Not at all. In fact, you can enroll as a student for FREE! Taking classes? Free. Roaming the online VR campus? Free. Interacting with other students, and 90% of the activities here? FREE.


How Does The School Earn Money?


So how do we make any money in this crazy school? Well, we DO require money to run our school. The services we provide are NOT free to provide, but they are free for YOU. Students have the option to pay for a whole variety of things.


1) Premium access to live group or private consultations.

2) Access to certain areas of the campus which are not visible to free students.

3) Non-cyber products that get delivered to your mailbox.

4) Personalized certifications, identifications, etc.


We already know that some of you will want to join and take advantage of everything you can get- as long as it is FREE. To these students, we say, WELCOME! For the rest of you, you will soon learn that the premium features are worth every penny.


To everyone, we extend a warm hand of fellowship and hope you will join our Stonehaven Academy family!