What is the 3-D Campus?

It is a virtual reality (VR) 3-D campus that exists online as PART of the Stonehaven Academy. (See pictures below!) When you log in to our VR campus you can roam and explore this large and diverse world. You do this in your avatar as if you were visiting an actual location in real life. An avatar is "YOU" in cyberspace and you can see what it sees as you travel through this 3-D world. Isn't technology grand!? 

RE: Classes

Our VR campus is equipped to host live classes when scheduled with student avatars sitting in a VR classroom while being taught by a live professor. Within this environment, we have full internet access, powerpoint display screens, full live voice interaction between students and professor (or text chat if you're a bit shy.) It's the next best thing to being there!


Of course, there are other classes that do NOT involve the VR campus at all, for those who prefer the more conventional lesson style.


Enrollment in Stonehaven Academy is and will remain FREE. When you are a student at our school you may take classes, enjoy access to the VR campus and participate in most of what the school offers free of charge.


By Invitation Only


To become a student you must be invited to join our school. These invitations are only made to those who have subscribed to our mailing list. You do not require any special knowledge and we have a very strict no discrimination policy, so if you are subscribed to our mailing list and would like to enroll in our school, you have only to drop us a line and ask to be invited! You will receive a series of emails telling you how to open the appropriate free acounts. It's as easy as that!

A Sneak Peek!

The pictures below are screenshots of Stonehaven Academy's campus as seen through the eyes of my avatar. As mentioned earlier, you can look all around this 3-D environment walking, running, or even FLYING around wherever you like! All of the buildings can be explored, and there are various features and special activites that will make you want to return again and again.

Stonehaven Academy Entrance Sign.png

The main schoolhouse mansion. Classrooms, meeting rooms, Office of the Headmaster, conference room, library (Note: Our library contains real books you can read.)

Town Square at sunrise.png

Sunrise at the Town Square. You will arrive on campus in the large 3 story building in the center of this picture. 

Stonehaven street at Sunrise.png

Another sunrise view looking toward Town Square. A corner of The Stonehaven Mercantile is visible on the extreme left and again the 3 story building where you will arrive on campus. This building is called the Town Meetinghouse. 

Pirate sunset.png

This view is just offshore of what we like to call "Fantasy Island," complete with a pirate village and lots to explore!

Captains quarters.png

A peek inside the captain's quarters aboard a docked pirate ship!

Tardis Transport sign.png

Don't feel like walking the campus? Why not take a spin on our Dr. WHO-style "Tardis" teleporter?

This one is located just across the street from the Town Meetinghouse where you will land in Stonehaven Academy.

Fantasy Island Pirate.png

A night view of the Elvish tower on Fantasy Island. The peak is the highest point on the entire campus!

Eye of Samas.png

One of the quests you can go on. Each quest is part of the education you receive at Stonehaven -where learning is fun.

SHA interior screenshot.png

An elegant lounge area inside the main Stonehaven schoolhouse mansion. Have a seat and wait for your friends to arrive.